Only supplement you will need

For hard gainers

Supplement you don’t need but it helps. For
example Too gain muscle and weight or lose fat. You need to be in calorie surplus to gain weight and then take your protein to gain muscle. you will need calorie deficit to lose weight still take your protein to get muscle.

The supplements

1 Protein supplement

Here a recommend protein whey most  famous and best. Protein used too heal and gain muscles. you can find protein in egg/chicken/meat. you can take it as a smoothie. best   recipes 

1 banana 

peanut butter 1 spoon or tea spoon

protein powder


2 creatine

Increase strength and bigger you extra energy. this is not a steroids. Here how to use it you get tablet or powder. 5 grams per day. you can take it for 1st week 20 grams.5 grams after meal don’t take it after each other. this one to get results faster Morinmg/afternoon/night.take with juice taste better